Track Your Order

Shipping Methods

At GOFLY-RC, we use DHL and General Shipping Method.

With any and every order placed with us, you will receive a tracking number via email , which can be used to locate your order and estimate the time of arrival.

Based upon the tracking number received via email, simply select the tracking number and the tracking website link within the email, and you will be directed to the carriers website for tracking based updates.

General Shipping Method:

DHL Website Tracking:

General FAQ’s

I Just Received a Tracking Number, but It Doesn’t Work?
Once your order is shipped , the tracking number will not be “live” till the carrier picks up your order. Depending upon the carrier or method of shipping, this may take up to 1~3 days.

I Didn’t Receive a Tracking Number.
If you didn’t see the email from, please check if it is in the trash and feel free to contact us.