COB LED 12V Controllable BEC module for HEX35


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COB LED 12V Controllable BEC module for HEX35
Input:3-6S LiPO
COB module is programmable via Betaflight to turn on/off by channel assigned for LED and camera etc.
eg.Configure LED by following setps:
1> solder the led power to FC vbat pads and signal wire to any uart port(rx or tx)
2>Connect Betaflight and input resource in CLI—->note the IO for tx2
3> Change the red line command setting accordingly ( remember which uart you are using and change that number)
resource SERIAL_TX 2 none
resource PINIO 1 C12
set pinio_box =40,255,255,255
set pinio_config =1,129,129,129
Copy the command and paste in CLI
4> Locate USER1 in Betaflight,assign your desired channel and range for control and save.

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