GOFLY-RC 2306 2500KV Brushless Motor CW


Used for scorpion 5″ /LAFON220 and other FPV Drone


Used for scorpion 5″ /LAFON220 and other FPV Drone.

KV: 2500
Stator diameter: 23mm
Stator thickness: 6mm
No. of stator arms: 12
No. of stator poles: 14
No. load current (A/10V): 2.0A
Motor resistance: 24mΩ
Max continuous current: 65A/10S
Max continuous power: 1100W
Weight: 32g
Outside diameter: 23mm
Body length: 40mm
Max lipo cell: 3-5S
ESC: 30-50A
Recommended prop (inch): 5x4x3 / 5×4.5×3 / 5x5x3
CW screw threads

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