GOFLY-RC FPV Multifunctional Battery Protection Board


Product description: FPV Multifunctional Battery Protection Board.
FPV 2812LED /Battery Protection Board /Battery monitor/Loss Alarm Loss Aircraft Finder.

GOFLY-RC FPV Multifunctional Battery Protection Board
This is a multifunctional battery protection board designed for Type “X” multrirotors.
This product can effectively protect LiPo batteries from being hit and damaged. In addition, it has functions such as voltage monitoring, low voltage alarm, LED navigation lights, and active out of control alarm.

>Powered by 4S or 3S LiPo battery’s balance plug
Default factory setting is only for 4S LiPo battery. If 3S LiPo battery is used, the positive wire (the red one) should be soldered to the pad marked as “3S+” on PCB.
>Battery voltage monitor
Display the battery real-time total voltage through a digital display.
>Low voltage alarm
As the digital monitor displays the battery total voltage, press and hold the button for 3 seconds and enter into the low voltage alarm range setting, and then press the button and set the alarming voltage(3.3-3.7V). When the single cell voltage reaches the preset alarm voltage, the buzzer starts to alarm and the LED lights start to flash. When the setting is done, press and hold the button for 3 seconds and enter into the next function setting (LED color setting).
>Multicolor LED navigation lights
After entering the LED color selection interface, press the button to switch the LED light color (seven color options).
Press and hold the button for 3 seconds to return to the battery total voltage display interface.
>Active out of control alarm function
When the battery board is powered on, it starts counting and the buzzer will start to beep in 6 minutes.

>Input voltage:DC11.1-17.4V
>Working current:60mA
>Alarm set value range:3.4-3.7V
>Buzzer volume:170db

Packege included:
1x battery protection board
1x battery strap
1x user manual

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